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MLK Season Tip-Off Brackets & Information

01/16/2019, 11:00pm EST
By coast2coastpreps

This weekend the first of three tournaments making up the Holiday Series Presented by Coast II Coast Preps and powered by the Kentucky Basketball Commission takes place. The MLK Season Tip-off is loaded with top talent from the mid-west and here is all the information you need to know for the weekend. 

Court 1, the center court will be broadcasted live all weekend on the Apex Sports App


Go to your App Store and download the Exposure Events App or the KBC Hoops App. Here is a link to this weekends brackets. 



Download the Apex Sports App from your App Store and tune in live to action on Court 1 all weekend long. 

Live Stream Schedule for Court 1 on Saturday



9:00 AM - Lexington Warriors vs. PAL Heat (2026 / 5th Grade)

10:05 AM - Henderson vs Blue Rain (2025 / 6th Grade)

11:10 AM - All Indy Gym Rats vs Texas United (2028 / 2nd Grade)

12:15 PM - Vette City Thorobreds vs DM Elite Showtime (2026 / 4th Grade)

1:20 PM - Wheatland Warriors vs Darius Miller Elite (2025 / 6th Grade)

2:25 PM - Team Thrill vs Dixon Select (2029 / 1st Grade)

3:30 PM - Texas United vs. WV Flame Elite (2026 / 5th Grade)

4:35 PM - All Indy Gym Rats vs Much Greater Elite (2027 / 4th Grade)

5:40 PM - Sky is the Limit vs. Team Rise (2027 / 4th Grade)

6:45 PM - Louisville Defender Gold vs. Louisville Magic (2025 / 6th Grade)

7:50 PM - B Maze Elite vs. We All Can Go (2024 / 7th Grade)

8:55 PM - PBA 94 Feet Elite vs. City Basketball (2023 / 8th Grade)



This is a grade based tournament ONLY, regardless of age there is no playing down a grade. You play your grade, and in the event of a protest, please have proof of students grade on file. 

Protest Procedure: The head coach for the team participating in the tournament must file an official protest in writing and submit a $100 cash deposit. The protest must be filed before the next game begins. If the protest is upheld, the proper disciplinary actions will be taken and the $100 cash deposit shall be returned head coach that submitted the protest. If proper documentation cannot be provided to prove the player’s eligibility, the player will be held out of competition until proper proof can be presented. The ruling of the protest is the sole discretion of the KBC staff member in charge at that time. 

1.) Boys will play with 28.5 size basketball until 5th Grade.

2.) Boys grades 6-8 will play with a 29.5 size basketball  

3.) Running clock will be enforced when a team is ahead by 20 points or more

4.) Teams will have a total of four timeouts (One full and one 30-second timeout per half)

5.) Remaining timeouts do not carry into overtime, Teams will be granted one full time out each overtime period 

Pool Tie-breaker Rules:  

1. Head to Head

2. Point Differential - 15 point maximum

Behavior/Ejection Rules:

KBC wants the best game atmosphere possible! We want fans to cheer and support their team! However, certain actions will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the premises or an extended ban from the facility, such as:

Cursing at or towards officials, coaches, players, other fans, and KBC staff members

Threatening officials, coaches, players, other spectators, and KBC staff members

Fighting and physical altercations

Excessive harassment of officials, coaches, players, other spectators, and KBC staff members

If an official ejects a coach or spectator, that spectator MUST leave the building for the remainder of that game. Depending on the severity of the actions, the KBC staff may determine that the ejection will be longer than one game. No refunds will be given to the ejected spectator.

Players ejected for fighting will serve a minimum one (1) game suspension. That suspension will be for the next scheduled game. Depending on the severity of the actions, the KBC staff may determine that the suspension will be longer than one game.

If a coach leaves the bench area to go to get a member of the KBC staff to complain about officiating, that coach will be assessed a technical foul. Just as in high school, college, and pro games, coaches are not able to change the current referees or leave the bench area to call the assignor to complain.

KBC Staff reserves the right to remove spectators or participants that are deemed to be a disruption or a potential problem based off of past actions



Kentucky Basketball Commission
273 Ruccio Way
Lexington, KY

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