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Carlsheon Young of BTR is looking for the Top Spot in 2025

01/01/2019, 4:30pm EST
By coast2coastpreps

Carlsheon Young, 2025 Oklahoma native of the Below the Rim program might not be a household name yet, but in 2019 he is going to become a national name. Young is more than a star, Young is a superstar on the horizon for one of the top programs in the nation year in and year out from OKC. 

Young is a tall lefty who stands 6'1 in the sixth grade. Young is excellent in transition and has the ability to defensive rebound above the competition and get down the court in 4-5 dribbles and lay it in. Young has three point range and is an excellent passer, one of the elite wings and all around players nationally in the 2025 class. 

Below the Rim went to San Antonio back at the first week of December and played the best competition from around the country. Young led Below the Rim with 18 points, 9 rebounds and 4 steals per game. Below the Rim got beat in the championship by the Triple Threat Raptors 54-50 to bring home 2nd place in the WeBall Presents The Takeover. Finishing 6-1 in the tournament, they were the only team to walk away with less than two losses. Below the Rim is currently 9-1 on the travel season and will have a high ranking when our first rankings our released after MLK Day. 

In San Antonio they had marquee wins over Triple Threat Raptor in pool play, 57-47. Mentally Fit Neon 58-44 and JR Hoops 49-42 .

Be on the lookout for Young and BTR all throughout the 2019 season and follow Below the Rim on Social Media 

TWITTER - @BelowTheRimOK

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