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National Player Rankings: Class of 2024

10/07/2018, 9:00pm EDT
By coast2coastpreps

The national player rankings for the class of 2024 are now updated. A lot of new names and faces have entered the 2024 class while some of the top names have moved to the 2025 class. 

We had a committee of 11 individuals from Coast 2 Coast who voted on the rankings, we averaged them out and compiled our list. 

The top player from last time was Christian Jones who is now in the 2025 class. Tarik Watson takes the #1 spot, the 6'6 big from New York is the best post player in the class, and changes the games more than anyone with his defense and rebounding. Watson has dominated the 2023 circuit nationally. Tayshawn Bridges put up over 40 points on 8 different occasions in the 2018 travel season and checks in as the number two player. Travis Perry, the best leader and possibly most consistent player leading his team to a 78-1 record this season and national #1 ranking, he checks in as the #3 player nationally. 


National Player Rankings Class of 2024 (October 1, 2018)

1 Tarik Watson New York
2 Tayshawn Bridges Wisconsin
3 Travis Perry Kentucky
4 Mikkel Tyne Canada
5 Kohen Rowbatham Louisiana
6 Ben Roseborough California
7 Cooper Haynes Tennessee
8 Deontrell Barrett Texas
9 Jonas Nichols Ohio
10 Ahmad Nowell Pennsylvania
11 Ethan Wilkerson Oklahoma
12 Vyctorious Miller California
13 James Evans Kansas
14 D.J. Thomas Nevada
15 Nazir Beamon Wisconsin
16 Luvens Valcin Washington
17 Patrick Nganda Virginia
18 Jasheem Felton North Carolina
19 Elijah Payne Florida
20 Jaxon Ford Texas
21 Jadyn Harris Louisiana
22 Jamal Chretien II Texas
23 Derik Queen Maryland
24 Xavier Bowman Michigan
25 Antonio Arenas California
26 Austin Childress Alabama
27 Payton Marshall Georgia
28 Donovan Freeman New Jersey
29 Durrell Brooks Michigan
30 Mercy Miller California
31 Johnuel Fland New York
32 Jerome Williams Minnesota
33 Brooklyn Vick Virginia
34 Colby White Virginia
35 Jamal Ware Florida
36 A.J. Swinton Maryland
37 Tim Williams Jr. Kansas
38 Shamar Jones California
39 Dalton Forsythe Oklahoma
40 Soulja Niles Bey California
41 Drelon Miller Texas
42 Jamari Phillips California
43 Dylan Seay New Jersey
44 Dhani Flannigan Indiana
45 Cory Connor Washington
46 Jordan Dickson Canada
47 Utrillo Morris Jr Oregon
48 Quinton Lomack Wisconsin
49 Jordyn Kee Florida
50 Max George Texas
51 Khylan Payne Tennessee
52 Jaden Barnett New Jersey
53 Terrence Hill Jr. Oregon
54 Hampton Evans North Carolina
55 Jaylen Mayo New Jersey
56 Sean Brown Illinois
57 Kendrick Taylor Florida
58 Umar Sabree Pennsylvania
59 David Keary Tennessee
60 DeMari Larkins Minnesota
61 T.J. robinson New Jersey
62 Troy Henderson Virginia
63 Jacob Theodosiou Canada
64 Rydge Beverly Kentucky
65 Blake Reed Kentucky
66 Trey Petty Mississippi
67 Phillip Moore Jr Kansas
68 Justin Beggs Texas
69 Cameron Mercadel california
70 Tre Johnson Texas
71 Anthony Gikes New York
72 Quinton martin Pennsylvania
73 Ty Virgil California
74 Chase James Alabama
75 Nigel James New York
76 Zamir Collins Missouri
77 Carter Jackson Ohio
78 Taray Howell Indiana
79 Dwayne Pierce New York
80 Jared Harris Texas
81 Derese Ross Canada
82 Gabe Pickens Arizona
83 Hubert Caliste Louisiana
84 Matthew King Illinois
85 Jereme Richardson Texas
86 Nyale Robinson Washington
87 Mason Shrout Ohio
88 John Moberly jr Ohio
89 Xavier Ross Oklahoma
90 Tyrik Petteway Maryland
91 Jordan Lowery Missouri
92 Sabien Cain Indiana
93 Darren Harris Washinigton DC
94 Vern Settles Pennsyvlania
95 Jordan Warrior Oklahoma
96 Azavier Robinson Indiana
97 Mikkel Brown Florida
98 Christian Anderson Georgia
99 Chance Mallory Maryland
100 Delamarr Blanton Ohio

***** NOTE --- Tremayne Anderson was #65 on the original list but is now in the class of 2025 and has been removed and will be ranked there. 

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