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National Player Rankings - Class of 2028 (April 2018)

04/04/2018, 3:00pm EDT
By coast2coastpreps

The first edition of the 2028 player rankings are now out. The #1 player in the class can be seen playing 2027 with Sky is the Limit a lot. Detroit, Michigan native, Andre Cast Jr. is the top player in the 2028 class. 

If you feel that we have overlooked someone, feel free to email us at or tag us on IG @coast2coastpreps

Here is the first edition of the rankings, enjoy. 

2028 Player Rankings 

1  Andre Cast Jr.  Michigan
2  Braylon Williams  Tennessee
 Elijah Paniewaz  Missouri
4  Enzo Lee  Florida
5  Scyon Wilborn  Oklahoma
6  Jaylen Lacour  Texas
7  Shane Goines  North Carolina
8  Jayvis Johnson  Nebraska
9  Quest Bam Johnson  Tennessee
10  Ryan Gorham  Washington D.C.
11  Chase Williams  Missouri
12  DaQuan Hicks  Kansas
13  Dylan Walker  Maryland
14  Chase Woloschuk  Ohio
15  Tayden Hall  Texas
16  Jesiah Buchanan  Missouri
17  Kyrin Gilstrap  Oklahoma
18  T.J. Duke  Tennessee
19  Rajon House  Wisonsin
20  Bleu Lewis  Georgia
21  Austin Sears  Kentucky
22  Devin Bey  New York
23  Monta Ellis Jr.  Indiana
24  Bryce Hudgins   Maryland
25  Davonta Lindsey  North Carolina


HONORABLE MENTION (Alphabetical Order)

Marquise Alexander (Oklahoma)
Ryan Bell (Georgia)
Keith Buckley Jr. (Indiana)
Jordan Cook (Kentucky)
Devion Gillispie (Oklahoma)
Chase Hancock (Arkansas)
Kingston Hunt (Michigan)
Justin Lamisere (New York)
Keaton Murry (Oklahoma)
Austin Neal (Indiana)
Ayden Pynckney (Alabama)
David Smith (Indiana)
Kevin Wilson Jr. (Minnesota)
Robinson Wade Diaz (California)
Chance Younger (Oklahoma)

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