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Nashville Showcase Recap

11/05/2017, 1:30pm EST
By coast2coastpreps

The Coast II Coast Preps Nashville Showcase Recap

The divisions throughout the weekend were some merged and some split up. Lets take a look at 1st team all camp for each division. 

2028-2029 DIVISION

Standouts from the 2028-2029 division were. 

Austin Sears 2028
Kamden Thompson 2028
Dallas Keary 2028
Nazryr Dyer 2028
Chase Sears 2029
Caleb Goodman 2029
Dwayne Smith 2029


Drive Iverson Williams (AR) - The "Bull" came to the Showcase as the highest profile kid and left the same way. The most skilled kid in the class was unstoppable in the 1 on 1 tournament. Bull can do a little bit of everything and has the confidence to back it up. The top performer in the 2027 class and current top 10 player nationally. 

Kade Goodin (KY) - Athlete in transition, good body control. Better on the defensive end than offense at this point. On offense can attack rim and get to the foul line.

Parker Boyd (KY) - Boyd is little but he knows how to score. Has some of the quickest feet at this age and keeps them moving on offense and defense. He knows how to put arc on ball and finish high over defenders. A pest on the defensive end. 

Langston Jones (GA) - The DCA product is special. A skilled finisher at the rim, plays hard, good court vision, nice handles. He was everything we expected and more .

Jordan Smith (KY) - Bigger stronger guard with a good skill set. One of the best shooters at this age that we have seen. Has three point range and good form as he does it. 

Bryce Garrett (TN) - Big guard who proved to be one of the best at the camp. Strong body for a kid that young, good finisher at the rim. 

Trinton Breeze (KY) - Shot the ball well and finished in transition. Had double figures in multiple games, above average ball handler. 

Carlin Cabbil (GA) - Loved this kids game. Played the hardest out of anyone in the division, bet he had 15 defelctions in every game. 

Chance Reynolds (GA) - One of the top guards in the nation, Reynolds does a little bit of everything. Equally as good with either hand. IQ for the game was crazy.



Colben Landrew (AL) - Top performer for the 2026 division was Landrew. He has won MVP in high level AAU tournaments all over the country moonlighting with various teams. Landrew can get to rim with ease, has a nice shooting form as well as rebounds out of his area.

Tyzhir Nasean (SC) - Proved to be one of the top performers at the camp. He won the 2 on 2 championship. Nasean has a sweet stroke, plays hard and with energy and gets a lot accomplished on the court. One of top guards in the nation for 2026 class. 

Guy Turner (KY) - Highly skilled guard with good size and strength. Has a good change of pace and very good outside shot.

Derrick Robertson Jr ()- Long kid with a lot of potential. Really good passer and rebounds the ball well on both ends of the court.

Jaylen Craine (KY) - Becoming a national name from the camp circuits, he has no fear. Quick and athletic, he showed the ability to knock down the outside shot in Nashville. Craine is one of the best finishers in the class, uses either hand equally as well.

Noah Hughes () - One of the most offensively skilled players we seen. He is a very nice shooter, can get to the basket and handle the ball. 


Rodney Henderson (TN) - hands down the top performer in the 2025 division. The lefty from Chattanooga played his way into national mention dominating competition all weekend. The most athletic kid, also had a high motor and high skill set to match his athleticism. Proved to be a good shooter on Saturday. 

Cole Edelen (KY) - Been on national scene for a while now with Go Hard in the Paint. Elite ball handler his has a high IQ with great passing ability and three point range.

Christopher Brown (TN) - long athlete that is big time rebounder, finishes inside well, nice touch at FT line. Extrememly athletic, but still a little raw skill set. Plays hard, once skill catches up with athleticism, could be elite if gets 6'6 or bigger. 

Conner Loy (KY) - One of the stronger guards in the glass, finishes very well at the rim with either hand, seems to finish with left hand better than right. NBA three point range.

Cayden Reed (KY) - new to the class of 2025, one of the top point guards in the nation for his class. Reed has constantly played up in the 2024 division and to be honest, sometimes playing 2025 looks easy for him. 


Chase James (GA) - One of the eliete guards in the country, uses his quickness and strength to dominate on both ends. One of the sickest handles you will see, a top point guard in the class. 

Blake Reed (KY) - New to the 2024 class from 2023, Reed makes the game look easy. A scoring first point guard, can score from all levels. Most skilled offensive player at the camp, look for him to become a national name in 2018 for the 2024 class.

David Keary (TN) - One of the elite scorers nationally for the 2024 class, Keary showed his full arsenal in Nashville. Keary is super skilled and can put a team on his back. Will be a premier scorer nationally for years to come. 

TaMarcus Eaves (KY) - Maybe the hardest playing kid in the entire camp. Eaves could get his when he wanted but made his teammates better. Had a good all around game if it passing, scoring, defense or rebounding.

Julian Bunton (KY) - Bunton is stretching out and developing into a big time wing. Bunton uses his length to dominate a game on the defensive end and is one of best slashers in the class on offense. 


Derek Curtis (TN) - Wouldn't think much of him when you see him but he was the most entertaining player at the camp. A sick handle, he made numerous defenders fall and always finished the highlight play with a bucket.  

Bryson Warren (AR) - one of the top players in the nation for the 2023 class, Warren was on a different level in Nashville. So smooth out in the floor and efficient in the half court. Warren is getting to the rim or the foul line anytime he wants. 

JuShod Commodore (KY) - a freak athlete, standing about 5'11 plays at the rim. Need to work on skill set, but his athleticism for this grade was to much to keep off the top performer list. He locks down anyone, 1 - 5 on the court. 

Jaylen Jones (TN) - Jaylen Jones continues to impress everytime we see him. The Tennessee native can do it all. Was impressed with his passing ability and setting up his teammates along with his known ability to score. 


Braeden Moore (TN) - The big man was dominant on Sunday. Showed great athleticism throughout the event and great faceup game. Altered numerous shots. One of the best bigs in the south for 2022 class. 

Brady Dingess (KY) - Skilled point guard, very advanced feel for the game. Brady has deep range on his 3 ball, won 1 on 1, big time court vision.

Jack Edelen (KY) - A point guard who plays low to the ground and pushes the ball off misses of makes. Plays very similar to Steve Nash with the Suns, can score when needs but runs the team.

D.J. Carneal (TN) - One of the best shooters at the event. One game hit for 20 points on 6 threes, four of them beyond the NBA arc. Displayed new and improved point guard skills.

Kendric Adams (KY) - Adams was an unknown coming in but quickly made you aware of his name. He has a quick first step, plays threw all contact, finished everything at the rim, big time rebounder and shot blocker, great use of off hand. 

Justin Becker (KY) - Be interesting to see how big Becker gets, right now he is 6'3 abotu 225 and a load on the block. Moves really well for his size, finishes everything at the rim and rebounds with two hands.

Willie Wilson (TN) - Wilson finished the ball better than has in the past. Electric going to the basket and continues to be one of the best defenders in the nation for this class. 

2021-2020 DIVISION

Dre Boyd (KY)- Strong body wing, made good decisions driving to the basket. Best attribute of his game was his unselfish play and passing ability. -

Q'Daryius McHenry (KY) - One of the most athletic guarsd in the nation for the 2021 class. He has the body of a college guard right now. Impossible to check one on one to the basket and in transition. Rebounds very well from the PG position. Starts the tempo on both ends with his defensive pressure or transition offense. 

Isaiah Jones (TN)- One of the most intriguing prospects, the 2021 Jones was a stud. Long and athletic pushes the ball on the break from defensive rebounds quickly. Keeps pressure on the defense and can score from all three levels.

Kobe Tibbs (TN) - Possibly the best shooters on the weekend, he had a quick release and was knocking down from everywhere. The 2021 product is one to keep an eye on.

Connor Cooper (KY)- good slashing to the rim, consistent from midrange and solid from 3, makes his teammates better, really good quickness from the point guard slot. Once gets more muscle will be hard to deal with. 

William Hoyle (TN) - Hoyle was shooting the ball from everywhere. A catch and shoot specialist, if you leave him open it is three in the books. 

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