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National Player Rankings - Class of 2027 (September 2017)

09/15/2017, 9:30am EDT
By coast2coastpreps

For each class that we rank, we are going to release a TOP 30 alongside a list of some but not all players who nearly missed the top 30 in alphabetical order. 

With many showcases coming up throughout the next couple months all over the country, more players may emerge along with re-classes etc. After the Coast II Coast Preps Showcase Circuit (information / registration on homepage) ends in November we will release the complete list of rankings for each class around the Thanksgiving Holiday

If you feel like we have missed you, email us at or get at us on InstaGram @coast2coastpreps and get out to one of the Coast II Coast Preps Showcases, the MSHTV CampD-Rich CampThe AcademyEBC Junior All American CampBBall SpotlightPhenom Camp or any other showcase and earn your spot. These rankings are based off what we have seen and are grade based, not age based. Click here for the 2027 Player Rankings

1  Babatunde Oladotun  Maryland
2  Darrell Davis  Maryland
3  Payton Jones  Texas
4  DaMari Gilstrap  Oklahoma
5  Isaak Hayes  Texas
6  Drake Iverson - Williams  Arkansas
7  Maurice Hamrick Jr.  Ohio
8  Dozie Nwigwe  New York
9  David Douglas  Oklahoma
10  Peyton Howell  New York
11  Jaiden Coles  Georgia
12  Jimmy McKinney Jr.  Missouri
13  Madden Hill  Texas
14  Makhi Gray  Washington D.C.
15  Chase Lumpkin  Georgia
16  Dallas Collins  Missouri
17  Aiden Clark  Texas
18  Darnell Turner Jr.  California
19  JaDarian Williams  Texas
20  Sherrod McCormick  North Carolina
21  Tyson Pogi  Oklahoma
22  Devin Colbert  Indiana
23  Collin Tjin  California
24  Rogan Miller  Oklahoma
25  Rhamod Brown  California
26  LeDon Webb  Missouri
27  Amare Jackson   Georgia
28  Rasheed Muhammad  Maryland
29  Langston Jones  Georgia
30  Brayden Walker  Alabama


NEXT 15 (Alphabetical Order)
Torian Adams Jr. - Michigan
Reece Alston - Texas
Cameron Barnes - Missouri
Carlin Cabbil - Georgia
Amir Clark - Ohio
Carlos Ferguson - Washington D.C.
Tyson Forrest - Texas
Kade Goodin - Kentucky
J.J. Grier - North Carolina
Stevie Hall - Michigan
K.J. Little - Washington D.C.
Keldan Meeley - Oklahoma
Jahil Owusu - New Jersey
Chance Reynolds - Georgia
Isaiah Whitset - North Carolina

BEST OF THE REST (Alphabetical Order)
Isaiah Bowens - Arizona
Parker Boyd - Kentucky
Carson Butler - Michigan
Seven Carter - Colorado
Chauncey Cravens - Oklahoma
Jake Cueto - Florida
Michael Daniels - Ohio
Ayden Donald - Florida
Terry Edwards - Missouri
James Evans - Kansas
Bryce Gary - North Carolina
Chase Givens - Tennessee
Malachi Jordan - Tennessee
Cruz Miller - North Carolina
Jaylan Mitchell - Indiana
Bradyn Myrick - Ohio
Leon Powell - Missouri
Jordan Smith - Kentucky
Collin Washington - Indiana
Archie Wetherspoon - Minnesota

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