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Isiah Harwell will be best Prospect from Idaho in quite some Time

08/24/2020, 10:45am EDT
By coast2coastpreps

Isiah Harwell, 6'3 guard in the 2025 class, was one of the most impressive prospects that we have seen in this class. The Boise, Idaho native was at The Finals last weekend with Utah Drive and was a star among stars. 

Travel basketball, especially at a younger age, can become a non-skilled driven sport where the team that collects the most talent wins the games by pressing and shooting layups making it hard to evaluate a kid sometimes. Harwell and his Utah Drive team were very well coached and was easy to evaluate Harwell. 

Harwell has the ability to grow to 6'6 - 6'7 but his ball handling ability from the lead guard spot stood out. Seen Harwell make many one handed passes to backdoor cutters in stride while facing high defensive pressure. Harwell has the ability to get by his defender into the lane and has a big time jump shot with great form and arch. Harwell gets 90% of his points in the half court setting which translates to long term development especially when the circuits begin in high school and you see less and less full court defense and athleticism equals out. 

Below are some highlights of Harwell earlier in the year. 

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